Creative design studio providing professional, quality-oriented visual art, package and label design and digital media.
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Appelfeller Arts specializes in creating brand identities, package design and digital/print content with strategic, eye-catching creativity. Whether you’re a new startup or an industry leader, we provide top talent for whatever your project might require: design, copy, photography, videography, food style and more. We’re even skilled in navigating USDA and FDA packaging rules and regulations!


The studio in Lyons, Colorado, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is headed by Patricia Appelfeller. While working as a designer for herbal tea maker Celestial Seasonings, Patricia developed the high standards and an eye for detail she brings to all her work. Since then Appelfeller Arts has been successfully delivering thoughtful and vibrant creative that communicates clearly and builds brands. So give us a shout, it’ll be fun!

Patricia Appelfeller



“Wow, my eyes are happy! Picked up your packet a couple hours ago and have been beaming ever since. This is a TERRIFIC start and the folks I’ve shown them to so far all go “Wow!”

Daniel Mapel, Founder, Wild Earth, Charlottesville, VA

“I have worked on a number of projects with Patricia in the past. She is fun to work with and makes stunning and inspired creations. She seems to move fluidly between many roles, always appropriate and on point. A wonderful artist, she is also a great project manager and is endlessly creative, and channels that energy into making wonderful personalized designs. Without a doubt, work with Patricia. For graphic design, packaging, corporate id, brand development, for creative direction or just because she’s a hellof a lot of fun to work with :)”

Stephanie Bingham, Owner, Bingham Arts and Graphic Design Consultant